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Experienced Land Surveyor

We bring 21 years of experience to your surveying project.


For high-precision, legal, and engineering surveying in Vanderhoof and the Northwest Corridor area, as well as aerial imaging and consulting, you can depend on Sangha Geomatics & Land Surveying Inc.

Theodolite on tripod

Years of Surveying Experience

Based in Vanderhoof, Sangha Geomatics & Land Surveying Inc. offers 21 years of surveying experience, along with considerable construction experience. We have been in operation since 2013 and are proud to work as a land surveyor for organizations, such as the provincial and federal governments, as well as a surveyor for many clients, including farmers, First Nations Bands, construction workers, contractors, and businesses.

Theodolite on tripod

Legal and Engineering Surveys

You can also count on us for larger contracts in North BC, high-precision surveys, aerial imaging, consulting, and more.

Bridge and computer
Theodolite on tripod

Advanced Technology, Flexible Pricing

Compared to other land surveyors, Sangha Geomatics & Land Surveying Inc. is always striving to invest in the best state-of-the-art technology and tools, along with the most advanced software instrumentation and equipment available. That way, we can ensure the most exacting results with better speed and efficiency and keep up with the ever-growing technology in our field. While old technology is still frequently available, it can make projects take longer to get done, and the results are not overly reliable. At the end of the day, however, we don’t want to make mistakes, so while we focus on speed and efficiency, we also focus on proper training and equipment care.

Our prices are competitive with other, less personalized surveying companies in the area. With our technology and prices, we want to make sure that we have the latest, greatest equipment and can offer fair pricing to those in need of surveying services.

Personalized Service

At Sangha Geomatics & Land Surveying Inc, we go the extra mile! Not only are we able to provide exceptional and professional surveying services, but we are also willing to give you a better idea of how our services work. While working with us, you’ll get the benefit of learning about the steps we take to make your project a success. And if you would like to know more about what property rights are, we are more than happy to help with our building consultations.

Contact Us

Call us for all of your surveying needs, and see why the entire Northwest Corridor of BC, from the Yukon border down to Bella Coola, trusts Sangha Geomatics & Land Surveying Inc.

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